Three fresh music talents from the Philippines

Three fresh music talents from the Philippines - Benetton Blog

We all know of favorite musicians who have hit it big just by starting with YouTube uploads of their homemade videos.

It’s a good way for fresh talent to be noticed without having to go through the almost impossible task of getting the attention of big-name labels.

Big Hat Gang – “The Big Hat Open”

It’s a good thing then that in Manila we have Number Line Records, an independent music label that was founded as a collective platform for like-minded Filipinos to distribute their music locally and globally. Number Line specializes in free digital releases.

Modulogeek – “An Android’s Lament”

And boy was I mesmerized by their line-up of artists! Here are three sample videos from Big Hat Gang (“The Big Hat Open”), Modulogeek (“An Android’s Lament”), and Outerhope (“Twenty Years from Now”). Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

YouTube Preview Image

Outerhope – “Twenty Years from Now”

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