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Top models and Selfies - Blog Benetton

Nowadays – the internet era – everything seems to happen faster than ever. Words are invented and suddenly they’re fully in the public domain like the word “selfie” which refers to a self portrait (commonly done with a mobile phone camera) and is usually accompanied by the symbol # in twitter and instagram to make a “hashtag”.

So, where you see #selfie you’ll surely find someone’s self portrait. Professional models have embraced this practice with such enthusiasm that we dare to say that it is through them that the term has become so popular.

Top models and Selfies - Blog BenettonTop models and Selfies - Blog Benetton

What once was paparazzi material (models with messy hair, without makeup or with traces of last night’s party) is now something they photograph themselves to show in their social networks. It is about fun and sharing a moment with the world.

Some people even say that maybe a selfie can get you a modeling contract if the right person sees it… That sounds awesome!!!

Top models and Selfies - Blog Benetton

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