Traveling by bike

Traveling by bike - Blog Benetton

I’m going to confess a fact of which I am not proud, an embarrassing secret: I don’t know to how to ride a bike.

Ok, I know, this is the kind of thing you learn when you’re a “puppy”, but when I ride a bike I only create trouble. So I chose to always walk or use something that moves on its own, such as a car or scooter, something that doesn’t need my balance and my driving force. The result? No bruises and no more skinned knees!

Traveling by bike - Blog Benetton

I still love the romantic allure of the bicycle. I would love to own one, maybe in a pastel shade, with a beautiful basket full of fragrant flowers and a book to carry around the historic center of my city, stop by the sea and relax in the cool autumn breeze. Utopia!

Many of you move with joy and satisfaction when riding a bike and I am proud of your accomplishments. I promise that one day I will learn to move on these pretty instrument with two wheels, meanwhile I dream in front of dozens of photographs.

Traveling by bike - Blog Benetton

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