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In Benetton we are constantly worried about being a globally responsible company when it comes to sustainability and taking care of the environment. We firmly believe that every person on this planet should be concerned about this since we want a cleaner, better world. This is why we want to show you this Chilean company, which is helping us make important changes in our society.

Triciclos is a Chilean sustainability and recycling initiative that seeks to motivate change in people and organizations in these aspects. This organization began in 2009, with Joaquín Arnolds †, Manuel Díaz and Gonzalo Muñoz, later incorporating María Emilia Correa.

This organization’s biggest motivation is recycling and changing Chileans point of view towards this subject, a step at a time, teaching and motivating them to recycle at home. With the cooperation of bigger companies and municipalities, they established a network of recycling points throughout the city of Santiago and in different points of Chile, where more than 20 different materials can be recycled. “Why recycling? Many of the negative impacts of economic development manifest themselves through garbage. We are used to the black garbage bag comfort, we fill it up and then somebody takes it away. We want to reveal some of the problems this black bag has”.

Triciclos Chile - Blog Benetton

Apart from creating a network of recycling centers throughout Chile, Triciclos works with big companies such as Santa Elena, Sodimac, Fundación de la Familia, Aramark, Collahuasi, among others. They take charge of these big companies’ waste and transform it into raw materials so they can be reused. Triciclos also develops educational consultancy and training programs in the recycling and sustainability fields for schools, pre schools and companies. They are addressing a very important subject that sadly very few people take into consideration, because of misinformation, education or laziness.

In Benetton we invite you to stand up for a cleaner and better world, and to take charge of your responsibilities as citizens. Go to the recycling center nearest to your home or office and begin making simple changes. Separate plastic, cardboard, glass and aluminum cans from the rest of your organic waste (waste such as vegetable and fruit peel, eggs, fruit or plants. Meat is not organic waste), and you will see how the impact you cause on the environment is reduced.

Did you know that an aluminum can takes 200 to 500 years to decompose? That same can be recycled an infinite amount of times. Glass can also be recycled an infinite amount of times. A plastic bag takes 100 to 800 years to decompose; this can be recycled only once and later transformed into fibers used to make polar fleece.

In this webpage you can find the nearest recycling center to your home or office. Motivate yourself and recycle!

Triciclos Chile - Blog Benetton

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