Turcopedia: a guide to knowing Turkey intimately

If two Belgians, Antoine Rolin and Grégoire d’Oultremont meet a Turk, Tolga Tuna Turcopedia comes into being. If we analyze the subject further, we see that their aim is to provide interesting, puzzling, entertaining and informative popular culture context inspired by Turkey for an international audience.

Antoine Rolin, an Istanbulite for five years, says

“Turkey usually brings to mind a country reminiscent of an ancient empire, Europe’s back yard, the Arabic World’s border, the beaches of Antalya and Turkish gyro. But Turkey actually contains much more then these. It has been and it will always be a global inspiration”.

Let’s take a look at what is in Turcopedia:

1960’s Jonny Halliday sings in Turkish: let’s listen to Yeşil Gözleri İçin & Altın Yüzük with his voice.

A Vakko story: from a run-down hotel to a fashion center.

Nezih Ünen’s musical movie: Anadolu’nun Kayıp Şarkıları.

What happens if Michelin stars Gordon Ramsey works alongside Hasan Usta at Kazan.


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