Turkish fashion designers

Minimal genious Zeynep Tosun

This woman has a bohemian style. There are stripes on the blue pants, the pocket is not at the side but on top, the jacket you thought was a baby collar has a slit. Ah! You couldn’t be sexier. The shirt looks covered on the front but it has a fabulous slit on the back. Zeynep Tosun exists in my wardrobe with a blue hooded shirt.

The lord of leather Simay Bülbül

I do not have a Simay Bülbül piece in my wardrobe but it does not mean that I do not have a space for it. The woman who knows how to cut, spin, paint and reveal leather’s most attractive characteristics, is selling her designs at her boutique in Galata.

Don’t go out without a Tru T-shirt

Aysu Akagündüz, is on the one hand blogging about the unknown stories of fashion, on fashion.tr, on the other, is creating shirts, skirts and dresses at Tru.Project, that makes us all happy. I do not know how many of these, basic and classic but fancy shirts I have in my wardrobe. What I know is that you can wear them with jeans, a skirt, on a classy night or during the day. It goes with everything and everywhere, but is sure to make you the focus of attention.

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