Under the sun and water

In this post we dress completely spring-summer.
The temperature is perfect for outdoor activities. For us at Benetton outdoor means adventure. Cold weather makes us stay home and cook or undertake “do it yourself” projects but in spring we want to go out and explore the world. This spring we want to do things for the first time: no matter how old you are, there’s always a first time.

Under the sun and water - Blog Benetton
Basically this is a high cable pulley you can slide along. Normally the cable is installed above the tops of trees in the forest, or on cliffs or even on rivers so you do the course at high speed! It is safe but is based on speed, the feeling of flying, the feeling of the wind rushing through your hair and adrenaline. It’s a pure sense of freedom.

Bungee Jumping
Under the sun and water - Blog Benetton
This activity is not suitable for timid spirits: you must have the courage to take a leap of faith, from hundreds of feet above the ground, supported only by a rope that holds you. Some people are very adventurous and ask to be held by the ankles, and therefore fall completely head-first, into a river or off a cliff. The more spectacular the scenery the better.

Under the sun and water - Blog Benetton
Risk is not only in the air, you can also find it in water. The element that makes life on earth possible can also be an element of challenge when a section of a river-bed has a relatively steep slope. If water increases its velocity and turbulence, a brave person can go rafting on it, enjoying the freshness of the drops splashing and air hitting his face.

Under the sun and water - Blog Benetton
Not all adventures have to be ferocious experiences full of adrenaline. You can enjoy a relatively quiet time exploring the seabed. To us diving is magical. Being surrounded by colorful fish and marine flora is not comparable to anything. Time seems to pass differently, totally apart from the world. Have you ever dived? Tell us your experience.

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