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Vietnamese street food travel - Blog Benetton 1Vietnamese street food travel - Blog Benetton

During my trip to London, I visited several bookstores and I came across this beautiful book about Vietnamese street food. What can I say, whatever I do, life always brings me back to Vietnam!

In this pretty, well laid out book, the pictures are vivid and colorful, with simple recipes and designed with colorful mosaic patterns that inspire not only my foodie soul but also my textile designer side!

Vietnam is undeniably one of the street food champions with an exquisite variety and taste quality. Typical dishes are sold by street vendors or in small shops set up on the sidewalk. We can therefore eat Pho soup on the go (with chopsticks!), sitting on a small plastic stool, at all hours of the day. It’s good, cheap and if you want more, you can engage in a real food Odyssey across the country, from north to south, discovering local street specialties.

Vietnamese street food travel - Blog BenettonVietnamese street food travel - Blog Benetton

So on the menu there is the renowned chicken or beef pho, but also the “banh mi” dish: crispy baguette sandwiches filled with meat and pickled vegetables that are so trendy in Paris right now.

Written by chef Tracey Lister and her husband Andreas Pohl, who have lived in Vietnam for years, the book shows that there is much more than spring rolls and pho in the Vietnamese culinary culture. To begin Fall with good resolutions, you can get started by cooking these tasty, affordable and exotic recipes: fish caramel, rice vermicelli with grilled pork, chicken rice, prawn skewers or grilled meat. A way to continue your holidays on your plate.

Bon appetit! Chuc an ngon!

Vietnamese street food travel - Blog BenettonVietnamese street food travel - Blog Benetton

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