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Vintage inspiration - Blog Benetton

Inspiration for art, photography and fashion is everywhere: in the streets, in nature, in every day life.
But above all inspiration is in what someone once did before. Lilah Ramzi writes a blog about this: Part Noveau a unique site that presents artwork and preceding inspiration and the history of both.

Sometimes it’s easy to find the inspiration for a fashion editorial, sometimes it’s a little more difficult. The truth is that if you know a lot about fashion and a lot about art, sometimes the resonances are very obvious and you can discover them at a glance.

Vintage inspiration - Blog BenettonVintage inspiration - Blog Benetton

From the staging of famous paintings, as is the case of Lady with Fan by Amedeo Modigliani (here Julianne Moore plays the woman) to recreations of a photograph, as in the following image: the original is by Richard Avedon, the recreation is from 2009 by Peter Lindbergh, Giselle Bündchen personifies the famous model Jean Shrimpton.

Many of the works featured at Part Noveau are tributes to great works like this dress and with a print by Andy Warhol. Who does not want to wear a piece of art? We do. Photographic recreations are always amazing and fascinate us as an exercise for amateur photographers.

If you want more, check out.

Vintage inspiration - Blog BenettonVintage inspiration - Blog Benetton

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