Weaving a lovely world

Pixnet is one of the biggest social networking websites in Taiwan.

To emphasize their sophisticatedly-designed website layout and the easy-to-use content management system, Pixnet is always proud to announce that their Chinese blog system is particularly loved by professional bloggers, celebrities and people who work in fashion and the design industry. In order to celebrate the new version of  Pixnet’s fashion channel “Lovely”, a series of interesting activities are being launched.

They have created a limited edition product, a “woven camera strap” which is hand crafted by Taiwanese “Atayal” natives, and are holding a photography exhibition in which six female photographers are invited to show their creative works. The photos are taken in different color tones corresponding to the colors of the textiles used in the camera strap.

I love this project so much because they cleverly turn the natives’ traditional artwork into a fashion accessory that young people will adore. It’s also a lovely way to let us realize the precious value of culture.

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