Welcome Selin and Göze!

Welcome Selin and Göze Benetton blogger Turkey - Blog Benetton

Beginning this month, my blogger friend Goze and I will be posting on the Benetton Turkey Blog for you guys. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as we will, it will include lots about fashion, seasonal trends and new shopping stops in Istanbul.

Let me introduce you to these ‘new’ bloggers :) Me: I graduated in Economics and have a masters degree in Marketing, but I didn’t like my university field – like all young people- so I decided to study fashion at the Istanbul Fashion Academy, which is very famous here, and write a blog called All About Fashion Marketing. After working for some fashion web sites like Elle.com, I discovered the power of online shopping, and created a web site which sells clothes, accessories etc. for women.

While dealing with all this stuff, another idea hit me ‘Blogger Bazaar’. Actually this is about shopping too, but it also promotes events to provide followers with the opportunity to meet their fave bloggers. After a couple of successful events, we decided to establish a new company which helps bloggers to build a better blog, gives them an opportunity to join new events etc.

Now you have learned about my complicated but fun life. Nice to meet you Benetton Turkey Blog followers, I hope many fashionable days are waiting for us!

Love from Selin :)

Welcome Selin and Göze Benetton blogger Turkey - Blog Benetton

Welcome Selin and Göze Benetton blogger Turkey - Blog Benetton

Hello Benetton Followers,
I’m Göze Şener, Blogger of His Wardrobe
. We will journey together with Selin Çetinkaya through the Colourful Fashion world of Benetton. In this new journey there will be more fashion, music, life trendsetter stories… I hope that you will join us, and stay in touch and follow our blog. If you are ready, prepare your coffee and take a seat, because my first post is about to start. In my first post I will introduce myself.

Who is Göze?
For three years I’ve been writing a fashion blog named His Wardrobe. HW includes soo many topics like fashion and life trends. I’m a senior at the Business Management faculty of Istanbul University. So far I have written blogs for many brands and managed their social media accounts.

What does Göze wear?
I think Fashion is wearing what you think you look best in. Everybody has a unique style. We should ask ourselves “Do I really want to wear it?” This way we can build our own fashion style.

Because of that, my clothes and styles are going to change depending on my moods, on where I go, or what activities I’m going to participate in. Generally, I like to add some different touches to Man Fashion. I like to combine avant-garde clothes with sporty and vintage pieces. Far from this, I also like to combine a basic white t-shirt with ink-blue slimfit jeans and classic brown suede shoes. I can basically say that I admire the elegance of simplicity. I prefer colourful clothes in winter rather then wearing darker colours, which create a darker ambiance. And for the summer, I prefer grey and beige shades rather then popular summer colours.

What does Göze listen to?
As a fashion blogger, I LOVE music. I have a huge playlist archive. I don’t judge music by genre, I like every kind of music … But mostly I listen to British Pop, Oldies and Lounge Music.

What does Göze eat?
The cuisine that I like most is Italian – why? Because the Italian Cuisine embodies my ideal plate of pleasure. Of course I like Turkish Cuisine too. The Iskender Kebab is one of my favorites. Tiramisu, Lasagne, Penne all’arrabbiata and Tagliatelle are my Top 4 in the Italian Cuisine. See you soon!

With love, Göze Şener

Welcome Selin and Göze Benetton blogger Turkey - Blog Benetton

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