Welcome to United Blogs of Benetton!

A network of local blogs, a global meeting place, an open window on the future: UNITED BLOGS OF BENETTON.

Global and local, trendy and technological, young and well-informed: the new United Blogs of Benetton is an open window looking out on the streets and cultures of the world.

Not just a blog, a superblog where the voices of individual nations meet: Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Mexico, the Philippines and China will soon be joined by other voices from every corner of the planet.

There are four subject areas: Fashion, not just the clothes you wear, but also street trends, the things that catch the eye and are instantly in vogue. Tech, the intelligent technological innovations that make life easier and increase the quality of relations with others. Young, an expression of young people and their ideas, with stories of courage, resourcefulness and creativity. Culture, where art, music, local and global cultures speak of the initiative and creativity of humankind, viewed as an opportunity to break down social and cultural barriers.

Benetton has always striven to overcome national boundaries, to share experiences from far and wide, to dream of the world as the meeting place of cultures and diversity: United Blogs of Benetton is just the latest step in this direction, a glimpse even further beyond the horizon, where each local initiative is embraced and shared globally.



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