What a color!

We are surrounded by color.

It can cause powerful reactions and plays a vital role in our lives. Different colors can mean the same thing for people from all corners of the world. The emotions that colors can evoke are almost universal. Amazing, don’t you find?

How many of you think that red means passion and is closely related to love? I’m sure that many of you are now nodding. We saw it on Valentine’s Day; when we offered a palette of 12 colors, the highest number of our fans on Facebook chose the red heart to say ‘I Love You’ to his/her loved one or friends.

It was during the winter Holidays when we suggested you send your friends and family your ‘Best Wishes’ with “talking color labels”… that time, the colors you chose together with words conveyed your special message.

Color is the communication of feelings and moods. Through the COLORS OF YOU application hundreds of tags, likes and comments tell us about you: it’s a windy, sunny or rainy day…what color do you choose to wear? Fashion black, turquoise sea blue, vitamin C orange or all three together? Or again, which nuance do you like best for your t-shirts?

What else would you expect from a brand like United COLORS of Benetton?
Color, color and more color!



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