What’s in my Benetton tote bag

What's in my Benetton tote bag - Blog Benetton

Those who know me know that I always lug lots of stuff.
One bag is never enough: I carry at least two, sometimes even three. Because cramming is my way of life, I always have my mobile in my hand. If I’m not checking or drafting emails, I am checking/updating my schedule or writing out a poem or finishing a blog post. That is why I need bags that hang from my shoulders, to keep my hands free (backpacks are not that practical for summer).

Often my second bag is a tote. 
What’s inside?
Most often my basic combination of books, magazines and a notebook. Sometimes I carry my point and shoot instead of my heavy DSLR. That’s why this new mesh tote by Benetton, in fresh summer colors, is perfect for my needs. (The belt is only there because it matches the tote.)

Sometimes I also toss my mobile into my tote, especially when the jeep is crowded and I can’t put it back inside my pocket. This knit case from Benetton fits my iPhone 4S just right. 
So why, you ask, do I have to bring all these reading materials with me on a day-to-day basis? Simply because I don’t like wasting time; I don’t like idle waiting. But then again, I often catch myself pursuing a thought or being distracted by the outside world — too busy to bother with magazines and books.

What's in my Benetton tote bag - Blog Benetton

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