What is in your bag?

What is in your bag? - Blog Benetton

When I was little and I first heard someone say “a woman’s bag is like a whole new world” I did not quite understand what they meant and I imagined something quite fantastic, like opening a bag and be able to pull out incredible stuff like Mary Poppins or getting straight to Narnia, LOL.

Obviously I was more than wrong, but now as an adult, I realized that it’s not really just one world, but many individual worlds for each woman.

What is in your bag? - Blog Benetton

It’s amazing how we can fit our life inside them, and even when we think that we all carry more or less the same (keys, money, phone, beauty products, etc..), some girls have their own version of “essentials”, and these include medicines, batteries, food, lucky charms, pantyhose, lingerie, and even a pair of pliers or self-defense weapons!

What is in your bag? - Blog Benetton

Well, regardless of what things you may need, what is important is having a good bag with room for all your quirks, no matter how unusual they may be.

So take a look of the great choices we have in Benetton, available in different sizes, shapes and styles for every taste and every occasion.

What is in your bag? - Blog BenettonWhat is in your bag? - Blog Benetton

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