Wool week

Wool week - Blog BenettonWool week - Blog Benetton

It was Wool Week last week, a camapaign to raise awareness about the benefits and versatility of wool in fashion and furnishing industry.

To support local farmers, retailers, local businesses that depends on wool industry, particularly that we have over 100 wool mills still in operation across the United Kingdom.

A while ago, I was fortunate to visit Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd, a family owned company based in the suburbs of Guiseley in West Yorkshire, home to woollen and worsted mills. It was my first time witnessing how fabrics are manufactured in a production plant in real life, but seen the live action of a working (and very noisy) power loom in the BBC’s adaption North and South written by British novelist Elizabeth Gaskell.

Moon representing as the last standing woollen mill in Guiseley, “with dyeing, blending, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing processes all taking place on one site, and they are exceptionally proud of their ‘Made in Britain’ heritage.”

Wool week - Blog BenettonWool week - Blog BenettonWool week - Blog Benetton

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