World Travelers Club

Bloggers from Istanbul keep blogging about this thing. It is something called the World Travelers Club. It’s really exciting for everyone who wants to travel cheaply and as a local. It’s perfect for people who want to understand new cultures and get rid of language-religion-race-social status barriers.
This is a good thing. So let’s learn what it is.

How did this idea come about?
The idea of WTC has been in my mind for a long time. It actually became a reality because I am done with the touristic visits of many cities (or at least I know every detail thanks to the internet) and I want to live in a city as a local, I want to know a Frenchman’s day, a German’s art style, a Dane’s breakfast menu. I long for a utopia where someone says to me you are a citizen of the world and hands me a passport. Respecting religious differences, others’ privacy and ideologies can only happen when we get out of our narrow borders (which includes gradually your family, your neighborhood, city and country you live in) and begin living and understanding the lives of others, and appropriate it. WTC is not a project that says “We don’t have anything to do, we have a lot of money and we can find a sponsor for our travels”. It is more of a project that questions why European children can go back-packing around the world when they are fifteen, and not our children? Maybe, this will lead to that. Their biggest advantage is to speak different languages. I met a lot of people in Turkey who torture themselves by taking the language barrier as an insurmountable wall. Maybe, a Turkish guide outside the box will excite people enough to take the leap and go. And we have many other dreams in store.

Which cities did you go to so far? How did you pick the route?
We picked the route with our sponsor, Pegasus. We voted from a pool of cities which they sell the most tickets to and are the most popular and that we are curious about. So far, we have traveled to Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, and Rome. After this we will go to Vienna and Bucharest. If the project goes on, and I should say the positive reaction indicates that it will, our probable destinations are Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Marseille, Munich, Beirut and my most recent favorite Tbilisi.

There are many bloggers traveling with WTC. How were they gathered together?
There are two prerequisites to do this job correctly: The first one is being curious. To follow what we see on the streets of a city, our instincts and friends’ advice, instead of what a book says about a city. The second one is loving lots of travel, lots of learning, lots of taking pictures, lots of walking and lots of talking. I believe people who travel with WTC meet these two prerequisites and embrace the “new” with open arms. At the end of 6 cities, 23 bloggers, 3 video artists, 2 locals from Paris and Berlin, in total 28 people traveled through Europe.

I hear you are giving away tickets, how did that happen?
We thought, we have traveled this much and now it is the turn of other people who like traveling as much as we do. They click here, they determine the city they want to travel to, and they earn a round-trip ticket from Pegasus to either Rome, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen or Vienna.

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