WOW! A space for comics

During the early years of the twentieth century, Milan was the birth place of Italian Comics.

Now the city has decided to dedicate an entire museum to this art form: the Spazio fumetto WOW, a showroom of over a thousand square meters that will host exhibitions and events about the world of cartoons.

Comic fans start their visit in an enormous reading room, decorated with paintings and statues of their heroes. Here they can choose from a rich selection of books and read their favorite stories in an absolutely magical atmosphere.

On the first floor of the museum there is also a room dedicated to the meeting of comics and street art and a collection of illustrations donated by various Italian artists.

The first floor is reserved for exhibitions and the current one, named Editori Coraggiosi (Brave Publishers), is about the history and the evolution of Italian comics.

It starts with the first issue of the Corriere dei Piccoli (the first comic magazine ever published in Italy) and celebrates the greatest cartoon artists and characters that have entertained the Italian comics fans right up to the present day.

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