YODEX: Young Designers Exhibition

2011 is The 30th anniversary of the Young, Designers Exhibition (YODEX), born in the same year, I never joined in this big event until this year. I dreamed of being a fashion designer since I was little, but never got a chance to have any formal education for design during my campus life; after working as a fashion editor and stylist for couple of years, last year I finally started my own label and become a real “designer”! It is more significant to me to visit YODEX as a fashion designer this time.

YODEX exhibits more than 3500 pieces of work including fashion design, industrial design, communication design, and interior design. Although it’s always very impressive to see work with incredible creativity and even mature enough to be commercialized, I’m most touched by the passion of the students.

YODEX is one of the most well-known and biggest design exhibitions in Taipei, Taiwan, during the 4-day period it is always crowded until the last minute.

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