Your hair needs some love!

Your hair needs some love! - Blog Benetton

The summer is almost gone and after the fun, it’s time to return to our daily life. Our hair has suffered; faded colors, split ends, dry and fragile appearance .. this is what we usually have after the beach, the sun, the pool.

Though our hairdresser tells us what we have to do, we rarely pay attention to their advice and normally think it’s just marketing. This is a mistake, since the hairdresser’s main aim is that our hair remains healthy and beautiful (there is nothing worst than dry hair). Now many of you are looking at the mirror, right? Yes, your ends are a mess! And for sure, you are afraid to cut, but it is the only solution.

There are fantastic products to protect and to repair our hair. One of them is the famous Argan oil, it’s 80% composed of oily essential acids, it contains big quantities of vitamin E (approximately 700 mg/kg), almost three times more than the olive oil for example. Imagine all this in your hair! Fantastic! Also it is very important to use a professional shampoo, not all shampoos are the same (I know you were thinking that). Ask your hairdresser what your hair needs and show it some love!

After summer time you have no excuse… choose a good haircut, an attractive color (the color must be a part of your life) and the best treatments. 😀


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Your hair needs some love! - Blog Benetton

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