Zona Maco, a visual chronicle

Zona Maco is fairly impossible to describe in words because it is all image, ideas, feelings vaguely defined… Therefore, we prefer to tell Maco in pictures.
We don’t know why we have chosen these pieces and no others. Maybe the pieces have chosen us.

Maco Area Design.
We like this section because everything is utilitarian. Each piece IS what it seems…

Chair’s Intervention, CholoChair. Guadalajara, México.

Tree, Pirwi. México, DF.

Armchair and lamp, Ka. México, DF.

Main Section.

“Evolution perfects the predator”. I20. New York, USA.

It speaks for itself, don’t you think?

A portrait of many portraits// Luis Adelantado. México, DF.

Alejandro Sales. Barcelona, Spain.

That was our favorite piece of the fair. From a rational point of view, we do not know why, but we felt something looking at it: a sense of calm, like the night sky or water dripping in a glass.

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