Beijing’s Hippest Expressories

by United Blogs of Benetton on: 三月 25th, 2010

Small details with resonanceNo, the downmarket American rags chain hasn’t entered the China market yet.

Expressories are accessories that express an individual’s worldview, style, or taste.

We often have to conform to certain norms in our attire. These norms might be dictated by our school, office, or even our peer group. Most of the time, the main rules determining how we dress relate to social class and where we are trying fit in.

Subtle but unique expressories give us the freedom to say a lot in a small amount of space and with minimal attention-grabbing.

A butterfly on a lapel or a lizard a hat can express much about a person’s fun side. These can be worn to the work place or elsewhere and only careful scrutiny from colleagues will require us to explain further.

Expressories like these work better for adults who have to make their way in conventional settings than piercings or wild hair colors.

It’s interesting to note that most of the expressories I have photographed in Beijing still have a Western message.

We have “I love London” and a Mcdonald’s scarf and a Vivienne Westwood logo on a sock.

An interesting Chinese expressory I found was the blue and white Chinese pot shard that was worn with a vintage dress.

It seems that most stylish Beijingers still seek to project a message of longing for things Western, though this is clearly changing.

Stylites in Beijing


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