Italy Steals the Expo

by United Blogs of Benetton on: 五月 28th, 2010

Maybe it should not be a surprise that is the best Italy might be the only developed country that has attractive but very concrete stuff to offer. Italy makes beautiful things, while the other rich countries make beautiful (or highly sellable) ideas and services. The message is simple: we do design, fashion, cars, food, wine, and all sorts of other things that make your life more pleasing. Due to the presence of so many fashion brands, most Chinese already have an inkling that Italy represents these things, so it is not a terribly hard sell.

At the same time, as a Westerner, I wouldn’t have expected Italy to be the country that most effectively organized for the Expo. But they really pulled together an excellent presentation in terms of organization and infrastructure – the contrast with the dismal and ineffective US and French is notable. Though other pavilions may boast creative exteriors and interesting concepts, none sells its country as a tourist destination and producer of excellent products and brands as effectively as Italy. The Pavilion also triumphs in effectively tying together the heritage of the country with its contemporary creativity and vitality.
Anhiuers and Sichuanese leave with images of the Renaissance, Ferrari, high-heels, Prosecco, and sleek chairs and the thought that it all goes together well.

Credit goes to Italian brands for sponsorship and to the government for appreciating the importance of the Expo as an opportunity to showcase what their country has to offer in the world’s most important market. Italy’s economy may have underperformed for years, but Chinese visiting the Italy Pavilion might be forgiven for assuming that Italy is the most advanced, glamorous, and interesting country in the world. Impressions might even reflect reality.

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