Parisian style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: mars 28th, 2010

Paris is known the world over as the fashion capital thanks to its celebrated couturiers who revolutionized the way of dressing and whose savoir-faire influenced people around the globe.

Strengthened by this reputation, Parisiens show their sense of style through the strong diversity in the way they dress, mixing different influences while conserving that particular touch that marks the difference between what is parisian style and that of others.

Rock and hip-hop influence, the marriage of two styles.

Blazer, shirt, shoes or heels: the casual chic, très parisien.

A mix of cultures with the perfecto and the striped sailor shirt or a trench coat and the scottish kilt.

The look inspired by hip-hop is back in force with certain citizens.

Montaigne street


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