Things we can’t live without if we want to have style

by United Blogs of Benetton on: mars 6th, 2010

I have always said to myself that it is not necessary to have a wardrobe full of incredible pieces in order to have style.

For me, to have style is above all about knowing how to cleverly mix pieces. A simple striped sailor shirt associated with front pleated trousers and a pair of derby shoes can give you an amazing look.

Here is my list of indispensable basics to shape and build your wardrobe in a sure way:
A striped sailor shirt

A basic pair of jeans, not too skinny, nor too large

A beautiful black jacket, well cut above all

White and grey T-shirts, in soft and delicate jersey

The little black dress of course!

Black ballerinas

A pair of sober pumps

A trench coat

– And for the luckiest ones, a classic Chanel bag
As it would be a bit boring to wear only these pieces by themselves, the solution is to accessorize!

Hats, scarves, glasses, or jewelry… fashion thus becomes the most amusing jigsaw puzzle to assemble.

The Cherry Blossom Girl, from France


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