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by United Blogs of Benetton on: mars 10th, 2010

As Style and Fashion lovers, we want to offer you a kind of reference guide that may help you to define your best way of dressing and to also show that getting dressed is not only a question of clothes, but a real process.

1Charisma plays a big part in the perception of style. We are not talking about being pretentious, but rather developing your own identity, simply being yourself and following your heart. Presence, attitude, seduction are features of one’s nature that can be modified over a lifetime by those willing to improve them.

2The fear of testing new experiences and others’ opinions can stop us from daring something, and give us the feeling of being locked up in a cage where our personality cannot blossom. So we have to take risks in Fashion like in real life in order to keep searching for that exclusive part of ourselves that can be the starting point of discovering trends in the future.

3We always have to do our best in our field, whatever it is. And increase our results like in a sports competition. Improvement is a very important part of this Fashion State of Mind. Always go ahead, always push the limits.

4Creativity is a very important point too that requires intuition and experience. Creativity helps us to be ahead of the others and may even raise some people to the level of Fashion Icon. Imagination, daring, trying new things are the basis of each style, of all things that make our world move forward.

5The best way to improve our creativity is to cultivate our mind. The first step toward enriching our knowledge is to work on an open minded spirit. Not to be stuck only to the fashion world but to enhance our lines of interest by deeply researching different sources like blogs, websites, stores, art galleries, movies, books and so on. All of this can make us lift ourselves up.

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