Tricotez les fils de votre vie!

by Be-Blogger France on: juillet 20th, 2011


Quelques images d’inspiration tout d’abord pour vous montrer que la maille et le tricot sont partout! Sur vos épaules, dans votre intérieur et même sur vos murs!

En ce moment, vous pouvez participer au jeu « Knit your world » sur la page Facebook de Benetton. C’est une application sur Facebook spécialement créée pour vous, qui vous permet de donner une touche « tricot » à vos images, les recolorier et les partager avec le monde entier! Je me suis prêtée au jeu et j’ai transformé quelques images issues de mon blog, il s’agit de mon univers, des photos de voyage, des fleurs… Et en clin d’œil, je me suis même essayée à un portrait très « united colors » issu de la campagne Automne-Hiver 2010-2011 de Benetton pour laquelle j’avais été modèle.

Soyez créatifs, chaque semaine une image sera choisie et présentée sur la page fan. Tricotez-vous votre monde à vous et colorez votre vie!







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 Ace of Diamonds

by United Blogs of Benetton on: février 15th, 2010

A small selection of candidates left their mark on us this week. We plucked out 4 of them thanks to certain qualities such as charisma, originality and inventiveness. Here is the selection made in Montaigne Street.

We all fell under the charms of this young girl’s smile.

The surf style look with tee shirt and bikini bottoms is really offbeat given the background and the glamorous stilettos which lend an even more off-the-wall aspect to her pose.

The colors are well coordinated, fun and beauty abound…..Nice work Madame!

This young angel is everything that we can say about « special ».

The use of color is well worked as well as the choice of pieces, as in the black and white leggings or the half suspender (black&white, and black-white-red). The tie is innovative and the mildly futuristic hair renders the character even more atypical.

Two dominant colors, a particular style, all mixed together with real charisma.
Stay fly angelito, stay FLY !!

Gibran’s profile made an impression on us as one sees immediately from his first photo that he is full of creativity, he is not afraid to dare and to show his difference. This kind of black dress that he is wearing with the super high shoulder pads and the striking glasses that embrace his face, one would say a younger Karl Lagerfeld.

His passion spreads over several domains like fashion, art, architecture, music, design, and his photography and videos are testimony to that, particularly the shot where he has a sort of Japanese Kan-ji painted on his forehead, one could take it for a photograph of a renowned photographer. He combines all of these universes in one sole character and he merits a bit more of our attention and our complicity in permitting him to express all that he can do.

She has a name that one would say comes straight out of Celtic mythology. And like her name, she has an uncommon beauty, we particularly love the contrast between her bright red hair as she describes it herself and her very clear porcelain complexion, one would say a princess from the Middle Ages. She glows in the light as one can see in her photos, and even in shadowed places she captures all of the light around her and reflects it back.
Pure Natural Beauty.

Montaigne Street


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 Cherry Blossom Girl goes North

by United Blogs of Benetton on: février 15th, 2010

Amongst the thousands of participants in the competition It’s My Time, 3 faces made a particular impression on me.

With her resemblance to Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides, Emma, pretty Swede, with fine features and a mischievous smile, just capsized my heart.

Fireman, chef, or film director, she seems dynamic and to like all sorts of activities, a personality trait which I definitely find pleasing.

Sweden is well known for regrouping a large number of very pretty girls. And Waak is definitely one of them. An angelic look in her eyes, a sylph-like body as if just emerging from childhood, the aura of purity that she transmits, like in a David Hamilton photograph, definitely convinced me.

Yet again another beauty from the North, but this time from Holland: Patricia. Her almond shaped eyes and her diaphanous skin give her the air of an absolutely charming ice princess.

Good luck to these three participants who all have their chances of winning !

The Cherry Blossom Girl


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