Cherry Blossom Girl goes North

by United Blogs of Benetton on: février 15th, 2010

Amongst the thousands of participants in the competition It’s My Time, 3 faces made a particular impression on me.

With her resemblance to Kirsten Dunst in The Virgin Suicides, Emma, pretty Swede, with fine features and a mischievous smile, just capsized my heart.

Fireman, chef, or film director, she seems dynamic and to like all sorts of activities, a personality trait which I definitely find pleasing.

Sweden is well known for regrouping a large number of very pretty girls. And Waak is definitely one of them. An angelic look in her eyes, a sylph-like body as if just emerging from childhood, the aura of purity that she transmits, like in a David Hamilton photograph, definitely convinced me.

Yet again another beauty from the North, but this time from Holland: Patricia. Her almond shaped eyes and her diaphanous skin give her the air of an absolutely charming ice princess.

Good luck to these three participants who all have their chances of winning !

The Cherry Blossom Girl


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 Fairytales cradled my childhood

by United Blogs of Benetton on: février 10th, 2010

Whether it was bedtime stories, or videocassettes, a reward once homework was finished.

Snow White, Peter Pan and Cinderella were my imaginary companions. As if once the book finished, they would continue to live their adventures by my side.

As such, I was from a very tender age made sensitive to a magical and fantasy universe, and today, I clearly feel this influence in my manner of dressing.

Over the years, the Disney heroines yielded their place to more mature characters in concordance with the adult who I became.

The young flower dress clad girls with tragic destinies in Sofia Coppola’s film The Virgin Suicides became thus a veritable source of inspiration for me, and Wednesday Addams my dark heroine par excellence.

Beyond the simply visual, inspiration may come from multiple and varied sources. Well in the middle of a novel, as in « L’Ecume des jours » (Spray of the Days) which leaves place to a large imaginary, in listening to a song, during a late afternoon stroll when the sun paints itself with that keenly particular golden hue and shimmers through the leaves of the trees, in admiring the cherry trees of Japan in bloom, the wind making the freshly fallen pale rose petals dance.

A clothing style can speak volumes about a person’s tastes, and it is also from there that comes the magic of dressing one’s self. A daily pleasure renewed, in opening one’s wardrobe as one would do with the pages of a book.

The Cherry Blossom Girl


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