Because you’re unique

by United Blogs of Benetton on: marzo 17th, 2010

This global casting competition is closed, almost 65.000 people decided to take part in the competition to prove to the world they’re unique.In these last days I particularly appreciated some competitors, like Claclacla; her profile is full of colours, her pictures makes you see a beautiful girl smiling, and you can definitely understand she’s a nice girl to hang out with.

Colour is the main characher of Franmartinez‘s profile as well, he says he’s called mr.brightside because he can always see the best part of every person and thing. I enjoyed a photo in particular, a colourful portrait with the sentence “The world is not just black and white” , is there anything more true than this?


Irida is another person who caught my attention. She likes photography and in the pictures she plays with her face making different funny expressions and painting it. What I loved about her? This sentence in her description: “imperfect is the new perfect. In the world of perfection and models, my imperfections make me special”. What else do we need to say?

  • Irida


    20-year-old girl from Greece


What gives you a state of peace and relax? The idea of a beach at the sunset maybe? Or maybe also a pretty face like Melisa‘s? I loved her photo of the peace symbol made of hands, and the wonderful drawing you can see in her profile.

  • MeliSA


    26-year-old girl from Bosnia and Herzegowina


In a global casting competition like this one I really loved Jessika. What makes her special is her global approach to life. She’s Swedish but she was raised in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Tanzania and now she’s residing in Japan. You can see from her look in her eyes that she’s a risk taker and that she’s a cosmpolitan with the will of travelling and find new exciting places to visit.

  • Jessica


    20-year-old girl from Japan

The Blonde Salad, Italy


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