Techno Time

by United Blogs of Benetton on: febbraio 11th, 2011

Yesterday I woke up at 5:50 a.m. At 6:20 I had already dragged myself in front of the computer, still in my flip flops and pyjama pants.

And while I was writing one email after another to people that had been awake for hours, for the first time I asked myself a question: does technology influence the way we dress?

At first I thought: no. But maybe I was too hasty.
If it influences the way we behave, how we manage our time, the way we express ourselves and, without a doubt, our privacy, how is it possible that it doesn’t also affect the way we dress? Of course, technology unifies different styles, in the sense that everyone looks more and more like each other, more and more quickly.

But does getting a call from some kind of smart phone make a person choose a certain bag or a specific pair of shoes? And does shooting a video on youtube push you more towards a t-shirt or a suit? (I’d say a t-shirt , but since I don’t have any scientific data to back it up, I won’t bet on it).

I know a hypertechnologically connected woman who takes her hi-tech instrumentation around in her Chanel bag. Her best friend (not only on Facebook) travels in a wad of felt. Sure, I also know technologically clumsy women divinely dressed and ground-breaking nerds, nerdishly dressed.
But the doubt still remains: if technology is powerful enough to influence world lifestyles, styles of writing and figures of speech, why do I always wear the same stuff even though I twitter and blog?
Do you have any clue?

Lost In Fashion


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