Boxes and Bags

by United Blogs of Benetton on: febbraio 8th, 2011

Our portable worlds.

As a child, we discover that we can experience “love” not only for the objects in themselves, but for what they represent. A classic example is the box, a container with a red ribbon that undoubtedly contains the so desired teddy bear or the toy car of your dreams.

From an early age, the package becomes a synonym for gift. As you progress with age, the size of the packet decreases but its importance increases, not only for the value of its contents but also for the values that this paper cube brings with it: distinction, style, class, elegance, just because the package is a natural extension of the content.

And so the bag, the ultimate accessory for every woman, is the “package of our life”. This accessory reflects who we are from two different points of view: on the one hand, the choice of the bag affects the way we want to be seen on that particular day.

So never carry a bag that doesn’t live up to you, or even worse, that does not fit the mood of the day: a black bag with studs when we feel rockers, a bow shaped one in a pale pink color for bon-ton days, a male one for more intellectual days.

On the other hand, the bag is the most customizable accessory because we can hide a part of our world inside (big or small, depending on the size of the bag): there are those among us who are content with keys, wallet and cell phone and those who, like me, can’t do without bringing sunglasses, the makeup bag and the omnipresent camera.

The feeling of always being able to carry on our shoulder an important part of our house is nice and gives us security, especially if that part of our lives is enclosed in a well designed and well finished bag, so beautiful that it’s almost a shame to use it .


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