Band of Four (A real band, I mean)

by United Blogs of Benetton on: marzo 15th, 2010

4 nations, 4 styles, 4 musicians. I would love a concert.

I have set up a band. With the casting guys of course, because I can’t play a thing, not even the door bell.

During my tours through the website (but how many are you guys?) I often find the most interesting photos are those that show people expressing themselves through their passion or preferred activity.

Such as dancing, jumping a ditch (how many of you are jumping?) or performing with an instrument. Well, I have combined four elements for a very international band.

Kandis from the United States on drums, playing the snare drum, wearing an enviable Chanel style outfit.

  • Kandis


    23-year-old girl from United States

Near Kandis, Oleg from Russia on the sax, who, if need be, can play the tambourine too and wears a beanie pulled well down on his head.

  • Oleg


    27-year-old guy from Russian Federation

In perfect harmony with Kevin from Belgium, a sufficiently gloomy guitarist, who also goes for the grunge beanie look, but is endowed with a body sculpted by his time on the skateboard, to be used on stage for breathtaking solos.

  • Kevin


    21-year-old guy from Belgium

On vocals (perhaps with a different dress from the satin one that looks like a wedding favour, that Kevin might well not like) is Bambi from Latvia.

  • Bambi


    22-year-old girl from Latvia


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