Big hair, you are beautiful

by United Blogs of Benetton on: februari 15th, 2010

I found these two women with the most gorgeous hair. You know what makes it so likely and striking? The fact that they just wear it big. I fancy that! It shows that they are not afraid to be different and go all the way.

Take Vaiite from France for example. I love the way she took all different kind of pictures with varied expressions at the same spot. Only by seeing her pictures I could sense that she is a very happy and inspiring person. She looks like a girl who can always cheer you up, no matter what happens.

Then Coralie, also from France. Is it a big trend in France to wear your hair as big as possible? Coralie has the more “model-ish look”. She is 21 years old and mixed. If you ask me about her – and I don’t even know her – I would say: She is fierce! Check out her beautiful hair and her intense look.

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