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by United Blogs of Benetton on: maart 27th, 2010

I went through a lot of profiles and I’ve checked them all very carefully. So I now present you my winners. I will tell you what I was looking for.I was looking for extraordinary people. People who have the so called ‘x factor’ and stand out of the rest. Also I picked five totally different persons. From red to blonde and from long hair to short. I hope you’ll like my five favourite entries!


First meet Drew Wolke from the United States. Don’t you just love the hair? I think he has a really unique look. He will stand out in a crowd of thousands of people.


Then meet the 16-year old Amber Talley. What a coincidence?! She’s from the US too. I love her lips and her haircut. Most of the time it is your hairdo that shows your personality and style. By the way, can you believe she is only sixteen years old?


Dany D from Japan. He’s one of my favourite too. Actually it’s because he’s totally my type and he very good on camera. I have a thing for (almost) bold guys. Danny stands out because of his different kind of styles and his speaking eyes.


Now meet Johanna from Sweden. She is blonde, fierce, lovely and you will never forget her face neither her style. A true fashionista!


And last but not least, I’d like you to meet Brandon. Again from the States and the oldest one of my favourites. This lovely guy is 28 years old and caught my eye with his eyes. They look a little Chinese. He has a extremely nice look and absolutely has my vote!

  • Brandon


    28 years old from the United States

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