Would you ever?

by United Blogs of Benetton on: maart 16th, 2010

The Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai opened this year with a very special trend: a bald headed model. Would you ever shave your head to stay fashion updated?

Shaving your head is becoming a huge trend. Celebs like Cassie and Mel B already just shaved one side of their head. But do you remember the beautiful hairdo of Amber Rose (Kanye West’s girlfriend)? Without any hair she looks amazing. Or Beyonce’s little sister: Solange? They all look very beautiful, even though their hair is gone.

And do you recall Demi Moore? She went bald for the movie G.I. Jane. I think that was very brave of her and she pulled it off very nicely. In fact: you could see her beautiful facial expressions even better! Not only Demi went bald for a movie, also Nathalie Portman had the guts to shave her head for V for Vendetta, just for a movie.

Nowadays you make a fashion statement if you shave your head. Well, except for Britney Spears then. It appears that you can’t just shave your head. According to a famous hair dresser in New York, you really have to think it through. Your face has to be oval or heart shaped and you must have a kind of ‘edgy’ or ‘rock chick’ image.

Even here I found an amazingly beautiful woman with very less hair. I’m talking about the 20-year old Zain from the U.K. Her face is so gorgeous, that she doesn’t need any hair.

  • Zain


    20-year-old girl,
    United Kingdom

Tell me, would you ever go bald?

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