What about plus size models in magazines?

by United Blogs of Benetton on: maart 30th, 2010

Today’s issue: it seems that women rather not see plus size models in magazines. It could discourage them to buy the product. I went to Amsterdam to ask a few girls about their opinion. I caught four girls in the centre of the city and took their photo too. Here’s what they’ve had to say.

Question: Do you rather not look at plus size models in magazines?

Isabel, 24 years old

“I agree. When I see plus size models in magazines it kind of discourages me to buy the clothes. Very sad, because actually I think it is a good thing that plus size women are shown in magazines. I do think that some models are way too skinny. To me the body of topmodel Doutzen Kroes is perfect!”.

Ester, 24 years old

“I do not agree. It depends on what kind of magazine the models are used for. It wouldn’t bother me, but I do get that there are people that rather don’t see a bigger size in magazines. It also depends on the kind of body you have. If everything is in proportion, plus size can be very beautiful. But only a big belly and skinny legs are not so pretty”.

Glynnis, 20 years old

“I do not agree. It would not discourage me to see plus size models. I think it gives people that aren’t very skinny a sense of confidence. But I actually prefer skinny models, because I’m very skinny too!”.

Anne, 22 years old

“I do not agree. I love a little extra pounds on a woman’s body and don’t like skinny model figures. If the size isn’t too big, I love it!”.

What do you think?
Anais, from Venezuela, says in her profile: “If life gave you curves learn how to drive faster”. Good starting point Anais. Thanks 😉

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