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by United Blogs of Benetton on: mei 11th, 2010

Three bloggers in the Big AppleBloggers Mau, Chiara and myself had such a great time in New York City during the Benetton photoshoot. We got so inspired by the winners that we felt like posing too, right in Chinatown.

Although we we’re very tired, we managed to take a lot of pictures. Do you know why we got so tired? ‘Cause we spent the whole day searching for the right I LOVE NYC tshirts. The funny thing was, that they were actually pretty much all the same!

So here you go, three different bloggers together. What do you think about our styles?

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 Kim is your nerd next door

by United Blogs of Benetton on: maart 15th, 2010

Kim is 22 years old, lives in London and calls himself ‘your nerd next door’. I’d rather call him ‘your guy next door who can teach you to be awesome’. Maybe his new nickname is a little bit too long, but I think it suits him perfectly.

Kim really caught my eye. I love his funny pictures and videos, his extraordinary style and the fact he’s got a face that you wont forget very easily. And by the way, did you ever see a 22 year old guy who is having so much fun by only turning circles on a swing? See the video below. I really feel like moving to London right now!

Curious about Kim?

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 Print it out

by United Blogs of Benetton on: februari 19th, 2010

The main thing that inspires me most, is when people use their unique talent to follow their dreams. So does Paul Becker. I met this young man a few years ago. In that time Paul was totally into graphic design. As a hobby he customized sneakers and he posted pictures of does sneakers on a Dutch website, which is comparable to Facebook. He used a lot of colours and crazy shapes. I absolutely loved it!

Now, two years later I wondered what is on Paul’s mind. So I decided to ‘google’ him. And guess what? He expanded his hobby into something bigger and better. He created a brand, which is called ‘Kwestievanlef‘. Now he runs his own webshop where he sells different kinds of clothing, from hoodies till sneakers. All with his unique designs which are designed by hand. And don’t we all love to be unique?

The way Paul took action to pursuit his dreams have really inspired me. It teaches me that no matter what, it is always possible to make things happen, just by following your dreams en expressing your own thoughts, taste and style. One of the best things in life is to use your talent and try to get the most out of it.

Question: In which way do you relate your talent to your dreams?

Is it taking pictures, working on a gorgeous website or is it something as baking pies? You name it!

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