Welcome Style Accidents

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Febrero 8th, 2010

Indeed, inspiration is everywhere.

For me personally, it doesn’t only come through streetstyle blogs, magazines, and movies, but also via seemingly simple and ordinary, everyday things.

Getting up and preparing for work in the morning, or dressing up for a night out or even for a restful afternoon of coffee and sandwiches, I keep my eyes open and ears pricked.

You see a sky so blue that you want to get out and begin your day early – wearing an electric hue that echoes the brightness outdoors!

Don’t control your feelings when you feel like waxing lyrical. A sunny day with birds singing can inspire you to wear bright colors, florals, or paisley, just to match your cheerful surroundings – even if only through a scarf, a pocket square, or handkerchief.

Of course, there is no problem if you keep things subtle when you go out in the gloom of a rainy morning, with all
the shades of gray
or the full range neutrals.

A rasta song that suddenly pops out from your shuffle mix can remind you that you haven’t worn red, green, or yellow for months. The smell of coffee may nudge you to consider dark brown in your outfit.

Or if you’re the type who wakes up staring at the ceiling, refusing to budge from your dreams, just let your memories flow.

You may suddenly remember that stylish gentleman you bumped into at the bus, and tell yourself that you too can pull off a bow tie. Or you may recall a doting aunt who years ago visited you at your house wearing a bolero that you stared at as a seven-year-old.

Why not?
Nothing should be forced, though a little planning would help. For me, it’s all about wearing what you feel like, and that depends a lot on what you’re thinking and experiencing around you. Keep your heart open for style accidents.

Always come as yourself.

El Bosquejo


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