Brothers and Sisters

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 16th, 2010

El Bosquejo, from New YorkAs the winners of Benetton’s IT’S:MY:TIME global casting campaign meet for the first time in New York – people from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures – they begin to share their experiences and learn not just about their differences but also realize how similar they are with each other.

Sharing of stories may start with the most trivial of things, such as hair, accessories, and eyeglasses before talk arrives at studies, job experiences, and of course, ideals.

Amidst all the photographs, interviews, cocktails, and tours, strong bonds are formed.

Writing now from the actual shoot, I can say that the winners – and even the bloggers – share the experience as kindred spirits: as brothers and sisters that will have more experiences ahead of them.

Mai, Susanna and Montaigne Street: It’s My Time bloggers

El Bosquejo


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