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by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 29th, 2010

I never expected to chat with so many wonderful people across the globe, and to meet the lovely winners and bloggers in New York last April, together with the people from Benetton. As many have already said, this has been something truly memorable.

But that was not the end. Take these quotes from some Philippines guys and gals, who have joined the contest and have created new profiles even after the winners were announced. That’s the art of enjoying.

Sara Camille
I like to draw people I know as dinosaurs and monsters… I’m not good at goodbyes, but I really like cheese… Shine on, rock on, and love, love, love! :)

Yes, my hair is natural. (And what hair!)

In a time where men and women have no boundaries to what they can or can’t do, I think IT’S TIME for something new, someone less gender-specific. Someone like me, who the general public seem to look at differently, can actually be recognized for a change.

Mike Grageda
I’m mixed race. I’m mostly Filipino, a little Chinese and a little Spanish in me. Just shows how the world is getting more diverse and diverse.

It’s always been my dream to become a model.

Mauie Sanchez
I’m a dreamer, my dreams bring me to places I’ve never been to and to dreams I never thought I could have…My innate ability to make others laugh is what keeps me going, and my heart (en)joys in the continuous unfolding of the wonders of this world.

Pretty eyed, pirate smile, she’ll marry a music man. :)

I never, ever, eeeeever (I needed to stress that) in my life thought I would have had the GUTS to take a strike at my dream of becoming a Benetton model, considering the proximity and lack of opportunities! Thus, when I found out about this competition seven days ago, despite others already thousands of votes ahead of me, I just told myself, GO FOR IT! You never know when an opportunity like this may arise again, so just do it! and I DID! I am not afraid to be different. Life is too short to blend in…Bad day? Good day? It don’t matter, you gonna see me smiling like no other.

Arito Lara
Goodbye people! This was a fun experience! :) Life goes on!

El Bosquejo


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