The best of IMT

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Marzo 28th, 2010

Out of the 65,000 and more who posted their photographs and videos, I picked out 5 that immediately jumped out from the page. Reasons vary from the warmth of someone’s face and natural depth to sincerity and the absolute ease with which one carries oneself.


With only two photos and one clip – not even of himself but of his feet walking on snow – Tom shows us that he’s a natural. Though his hair be wild, he is very much straightforward.

  • Tom


    27-year-old guy, United Kingdom


Yes, Melanie has wonderful hair, but it doesn’t look simply put on. It is the mane for her tigress within. Her style is as smooth as her dance moves.


LSjoberg dreams of being a model, and he certainly has the looks for it, but what gives him the edge – strange to say it – is the sadness and melancholy in his eyes. There is the promise of much more to discover about him, just through his looks.


Though Arthur may look like the typical bum – and he probably is – you see that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t do anything for anybody but himself. He has that look of unpadded innocence.

  • Arthur


    22-year-old guy, France


Like his favorite arcade games, Burger Kim comes at you from every direction. His style is unexpected, but he carries it well; he is totally himself. Crazy as his Mickey Mouse jumper and goofy as, well, Goofy.

El Bosquejo


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