Michael Cinco Phantasmagoria

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Junio 12th, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week just concluded with its more than 100 shows. As with the last season, the Holiday 2010 collections saved Michael Cinco’s visual extravaganza for last.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese cherry blossoms, the flowers in Van Gogh’s paintings, origami, opera, and cinema, Cinco weaves dreams into dresses with intricate crystal embroidery and iridescent fabrics.

The collection’s theme is hooked on the story of Madame Butterfly, of metamorphosis in full opulent regalia.

The dresses are for princesses, women warriors, nymphs: for women that move like snowflakes and rain.

There are indeed no words for the collection. Some of the designers and editors seated beside me said they haven’t seen anything as beautiful.

I hope the images that I have taken from the front row speak for themselves.

El Bosquejo, Manila


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