State your style on Glasses

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Fevereiro 18th, 2010

Sometimes curiosity delivers good results. When scanning the candidates’ profiles, it came to our attention one fact – these are times ruled by Glasses!

Take these two contestants for instance. With such an irreverent style, they cross the perimeters of conventionality. Irreverence being the operative word, they set new standards about how one wears seeing glasses. Forget about doctors’ prescriptions concerning sight problems, glasses are now wearable as a fashion statement and a personality mark!

Poetry often side by side to glasses, take for example the legendary Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet. Wearing glasses became a sign of geniality, great emotional insight chained with intelligence and a characteristic look. An influence without any doubt to Joao Drumond (Portuguese too, as Fernando Pessoa).

And what about the Pop, colorful and ingenious style of Ukrainian Max?
Pessoa’s influence on a Pop version, or contemporary Glasses poetry? You choose, but Glasses rule!

So now glasses are worn loosely as a sign of everything one can achieve, great minds, great perspectives. In a more stylish sense – Glasses are the new Style Statement.


… And This is Reality


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