Lisbon Story: Pastel de Belem rocks!

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Março 9th, 2010

Pastel de Nata, is the king in coffee shops and bakeries. The Guardian has considered the famous egg and cream tart from the Portuguese pastry, the 15th tastiest delicacy all over the world and in Japan is one of the most appreciated and refined delicacies from Europe. It is a delicious pastry, but not so many know that its original recipe still remains unknown since this cream tart was created in 1820.

The original Pastel de Nata is called Pastel de Belém because it is made at a bakery and coffeehouse in Belém, the southwest section of the city. Only this bakery sells over 10.000 cream tarts in regular one day and it is the only one in the world selling the cream tarts made with the secret and original recipe. It is so famous and exclusive this secret that Pastel de Belém is the official pastry of banquets offered by Portugal President, since long time ago.

If you make a “blind test” to Portuguese people, everyone would know the difference either with or without powder sugar and cinnamon. Pastel de Belém really rocks and if it wasn’t for the 3-hour waiting row, I’d be running to Belém because I’m mouth-watering for those creamy tarts that are eaten in 2 or 3 bites.

The good news is: you can eat more than one without feeling guilty!

… And This is Reality


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