Bairo Alto is THE Place in Lisbon

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Maio 3rd, 2010

Where differences live in harmony, the avanguard style meets the more traditional neighborhood: we are talking of BA – The Bairro Alto in Lisbon!The Bairro Alto is a very typical area of Lisbon with narrow and steep streets, right in the heart of the city, and with many stories to tell.

In this neighborhood used to be located the most important national newspaper headquarters, but when the modern era arrived, the urban decay installed and came the suspicious Fado Houses, with their popular clientele and the less intellectual fauna. In the 80’s Bairro Alto was a place of bad name and infamous ambiance, protitution, drugs and alcohol of all sorts thrived on the street corners. But intellectuals adopted the neigborhood and made this area its bohemian refuge from the busy yupy city in the 90’s.

Nowadays there still exist a lot of signs of those bad name days, but young people have now flooded the neighborhood. The country cultural elite, intellectuals, artists, young students and a all new bohemian generation flows frequently (if not every day, at least once a week) to these streets.

On a achieved and successful merger you find on the same streets shops of the best fashion designers and labels and neighborhood traditional corner stores. Theatres and the traditional Fado Houses, restaurants and the trendyest hairdressers, reggae bars and refined wine tasting places… Bairro Alto is the place to project bold and contemporary.

When the night falls one can find the best of each style, the streets fill with people that comes here to chat with friends, have a drink on the street and dance on local clubs. Bairro Alto is thus the meeting point of spaces, people and style

Bairro Alto is Then The most cosmopolite place in modern Lisbon!

…And This is Reality


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