Which is your Beauty Season?

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Março 11th, 2010

Style and Fashion writers often say that style is more dependent on personality than on actual clothes and accessories.

Moreover, if our style doesn’t depend on the clothes and accessories we’re wearing, it can be constant all year round. But then… how is it that we all feel more beautiful in Summer? Or in Spring? Or in Winter? Or in Autumn? We tend to feel happier and therefore more beautiful and stylish in the season we identify with most.

What happens if our style has all the seasons? Don’t we prefer one season over another? Or doesn’t our style reflect our state of mind? Or doesn’t it influence our personality and therefore our beauty?

And for us there are some candidates in this casting whose style and beauty is not a season – it is all year round.

We leave you these two examples: Birce from Turkey and Allo from the Russian Federation. We like these two year-round, very different world beauties.

Now one question for you to answer: what’s your beauty season? And why?


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