The best of IMT

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 1st, 2010

After the closing of the vote, we decided to choose our favorite United People for Benetton.

Hot sheep. It’s not part of our Top 5 people, but is our favorite!
One of the most polemic fun and energetic participants of this online casting… Subversive, fun, critical, ironic, harsh and fun at the same time, and has something in common with us: seems to come from Portugal. WE LOVE YOU HOT SHEEP! Our wild card.

From Portugal is also this blue eyed guy, with alternative look, European skater groove and very photogenic pictures. And we love to see the beautiful Lisbon White Light on his photos and on this casting. Sorry but we love our home town and our home town guys and girls. GO PORTUGAL!

Strong, Decided, Sexy, Provocative, very Afro-American and a perfect representative of contemporary women’ strength and beauty!

  • Candance


    22-year-old girl, United States

Sweet, Nordic, young and nostalgic, lovable and kind, the beautiful blond stereotype boy that we all love… in one expression: a beautiful specimen of the blond ambition beauty… right?

A crossing of the Orient and Occident in style and in beauty. Like its origin city, Hong Kong, this girl’s beauty crosses the oriental mystery and exotics and eccentrics with European influences on a perfect United Colors Look.

  • Valia


    16-year-old girl, Hong Kong

Red haired, tranquil fire, serenity beauty, strong presence of that rebel curly hair… a great way to close our TOP 5 of our United People for Benetton!


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