Send a Letter by Google Maps

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Abril 12th, 2010

Email and technology almost destroyed one of the most popular way of comunicatting of all times: writing a letter.

But … have you noticed that on your cellphone, the sms sign is un envelope? and many of the email programs have un envelope as a signal of new messages? so we wondered: is the envelope the key aspect of the mitical and romantic letter? is that kind of origami wonder of human universal culture the thing we miss most?

The answer is yet to determine, but one thing we managed to find on our investigation on the style of our modern comunications: The Google Maps Envelops.

Combining our beloved technologies and the origami wonder of the envelope and the materiality of the phisical paper, these envelopes are trully fun to make. Usefull, practical and moderne, these envelopes can be the best way to recover the habit of writing and sending phisical letters to each other.

Just an idea that we found on the net of an unknown author to which we hereby render our homage because it is a truly cool idea!

And This Is Reality


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