Rock in Rio turns 25 in Lisbon

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Maio 28th, 2010

Rock in Rio is a series of rock festivals held for the first time in Brazil back in 1980, and later in Portugal since 2004 (and Spain since 2008). It has been the largest rock festival in the world: 1.5 million people in the first edition, 700 thousand in the second, about 1.2 million in the third, and about 350 thousand people in each of the 3 Lisbon editions.

The 4th edition in Lisbon is happening on the 21, 22, 27, 29 and 30 of May. During these days the “City of Rock” will receive artists from all kinds of music and among all we can especially attend to the concerts of Shakira, Elton John, Muse, Miley Cyrus and Rammstein.

Everyday is a special day with a special guest. However, there is one day in this edition that represents a lot more to the organization and to the audience. On the 22nd of May Rock in Rio turns 25. These 25 years of existence represent also 25 years of the rock history and in order to remember it the organization of the festival invited important names of the music world as Elton John, Leona Lewis and the portuguese band Trovante.

Besides the biggest performances at the World Stage, there is another stage for smaller concerts and to artists share music experiences, the Sunset Stage, a space to dance all night long, the Electronic Tent, and a lot of other activities to amuse visitors.

The world’s biggest and best music festival is rocking in Lisbon and our blog is covering the event LIVE!



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