A Journey into Drinking Wine Emotions

by United Blogs of Benetton on: Maio 8th, 2010

Where does it takes us? It’s a true experience for your taste.
Classic and traditional, contemporary and sophisticated at the same time, wine is a drinking for all occasions and moods. White, rouge, green or rosé, its colors have all different feelings attached.

The wine is surrounded by a very special mystical and its flavor is always one of a strong personality. The great wines are usually the classics, but there are some new ones that already have a very young and wild emotion attached to its taste.

Portugal is the birth place of some of the most exquisite, sophisticated and appreciated wines in the world, and one of our country most enjoyable traditions are the innumerous wine tasting places that we have. At the most popular cafés, or at the most modern standing bars and discos, you always find wine.

Each place has a different style, and therefore a wine to go with it and the attached emotions.

In Portugal there are 11 different wine production regions, hundreds of wine labels, and millions of traditional and modern cellars, and each one of them has a particular taste, a specific feeling attached and, consequently a one of a kind emotion to go with it!
The Wine Journey can get you to places where you’ve never been, not only emotionally but also physically. Vineyards, towns, or gourmet places, all take part on what we call here ‘Rotas do Vinho’ (Wine Routs).

By these routs you get to know a all new country, with a wide range of unique experiences attached that are there for you to live it.
Wine Journey is truly a Portugal with new and strong emotions.



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